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Types of Roses for Rose Gardens

Today you can enjoy a variety of different types of roses in your rose garden. Everything from vibrant modern roses to antique roses to climbing roses can be incorporated to create a fragrant season of beautiful blooms.

When you are picking out roses for your garden, there are a lot of things to consider. You might want to go with one type of rose, or you might want to plant a bunch of different varieties. If you like the traditional look of the antique garden, then the fragrant light colored flowers of the “Old Garden Rose” might be perfect for you. These flowers have graced gardens since early into the 1800’s and are disease-resistant and fairly easy to maintain.

But if you picture a rose garden full of vibrant colorful blooms that can bloom throughout the season, then you might want to go for one of the more “Modern Roses”. These modern varieties have ancestry in the old Garden Rose but were created after 1867 and are much more vibrant in color. Where the old traditional roses only bloom once a season, many of the modern varieties will bloom several times during the season creating a garden full of year-long color. However, as with anything there is a trade-off and the Modern Roses are a bit harder to maintain and don’t fight off disease as well.

If your garden tastes run more towards the English cottage type of Garden, then you might want to consider some climbing roses. These roses send out long canes that can be used to wind around any type of wall, trellis or arbor for a beautiful display of color. There are, in fact, several kinds of climbing roses the hardiest of which is classified as the “true climbers” that produce large blooms and are disease-resistant. Climbing roses can also look great climbing out of hanging pot or container.

If you really want something elegant for formal garden, you might try a Rose Tree. These are roses that are cultivated in pruned to be the shape of a tree with clumps of blooming roses at the top. These do require quite a bit of maintenance and know-how, though, so you have to make sure you’re up for the task before you attempt it.

No matter what type of roses you decide to plant, you want to be sure to get them off to a good start. Dig a hole that is larger than the container they are currently in and gently remove the plant from its container. Be sure to untangle any tangled roots and gently place it in the hole. You may want to add some organic fertilizer, compost or manure. Fill in the hole with dirt and then water thoroughly. You might want to be sure to water it every day for the first week or two. Don’t over water but be aware that roses like a moist but well drained soil. After the first couple of weeks you can water once or twice a week depending on how hot and dry it is.

Keeping your rose garden healthy and vibrant as a matter of simple maintenance. Be sure that you water regularly, but don’t splash the water on the plants themselves as this will encourage fungus to grow. Be sure to inspect your plants regularly for pests and disease and prone out dead canes, leaves and other debris often.

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