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The New Easy Elegance Rose Bushes

Beautiful Rose Bushes with a wide array of colors, flower forms and sizes, along with recurrent blooms that are also hardy and pest & disease resistant now available at Nature Hills Nursery. The new Easy Elegance® rose collection, produced by Bailey Nurseries and offered by Nature Hills Nursery, offers modern gardens ...


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    red rose bush potted
March 31st 2009
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How to Control Insects that Damage Rose Bushes

Rose bushes are susceptible to many damaging insects, including the rose midge larva, rose cane borer, stem girders, thrips, aphids, Japanese beetles, sawflies (or rose slug), mites, scale insects, caterpillars, and rose chafers, to name a few. There are several options for controlling these pests. [caption id="attachment_58" align="alignnone" ...
July 1st 2008
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How to Make Rose Beads from Rose Bushes

Have you ever wondered why the string of prayer beads used by Catholics is called a rosary? Well, the answer lies in the bush outside your window. Once, the beads in rosaries were made from rose petals. Many modern rosaries are made from wood, silver, or glass, ...
June 2nd 2008
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Composting Will Help Your Rose Bushes

One of the very best soil amendments to use for rose bushes—or any other plant in your garden—is compost. Using compost improves soil structure, texture, and aeration and increases the soil's water-holding capacity. Compost loosens clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water. Adding compost improves soil fertility ...
May 6th 2008
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Fertilizing Your Rose Bushes

Fertilizer is, simply put, food for roses. And roses love to eat. If you feed your bushes a healthy, nutritional diet, they will take the fertilizer and turn it into big, beautiful blooms. Here’s how to do it. (Note that if you get the bushes initially through a ...
April 17th 2008
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Pruning Your Rose Bushes

When it comes to roses, good pruning is essential to good health. Pruning removes dead wood, controls the shape of your bush, and encourages vigour and healthy flowers. The time to prune is in late winter while your bushes are still dormant, just before you put down ...


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